Simon D to make a solo comeback within the first half of the year

News has it that Simon D is in preparations for a solo comeback, which is aimed to happen by June!

Formerly part of Supreme Team with E-Sens, but now the co-CEO of AOMG with Jay Park, Simon D is reported to be in the midst of producing the new album. The album is also expected to invite seniors and juniors in the music industry to be featured in his tracks.

The rapper released his last solo album Simon Dominic Presents ‘SNL LEAGUE BEGINS’ in 2011 and is planning to return to stage after nearly four years. This would be the hip-hop artist’s first big project ever since his partnership with the new label AOMG.

Currently, concrete details of the comeback schedule has yet to be confirmed, but part of the recordings have already been completed, according to music industry officials. The possiblity of releasing a new mini-album is higher, but it is also possible for him to release digital singles, with decisions made accordingly to situations of the future.

An AOMG representative also confirmed the intention of a comeback within the first half of the year, “but the precise comeback timing has yet to be fixed, as Simon D is still in the midst of gathering the songs.”

Source: Sports Donga and Xportsnews