Simon D reveals he went through a lot of hardship to release a new album due to debt

Just days before the release of his new solo album, rapper Simon D appeared on Park Myung Soo‘s radio show on KBS Cool FM where he discussed the hardship he went through.

On the show on August 9th, Simon D revealed, “It’s been really hard these days. I’ve been having difficulty because it’s the time right before the album is coming out. I couldn’t even rest on Sunday.”

He continues, “Because of my credit card debt, I have no money,” revealing that he has been paying off his credit cards with other credit cards, “I haven’t worked for eight months. But I’m a man who’s being chased because of money,” he jokes, causing laughter in the studio.

The rapper then says, “After the album comes out, I want to relax. Our company doesn’t force you to do activities. But as a representative of the company, I’m worried that I’ll fail especially since I’m releasing a solo album. I want to perform my new songs as soon as possible.”

Simon D is currently part of the independent record label AOMG which was founded by Jay Park and is currently being led by both Jay Park and Simon D.

Source: OSEN

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