Simon Dominic Apologizes For Going Off On Curse Rant On Instagram Live

He apologized to his fans who felt uncomfortable by his rant on Instagram Live.

Simon Dominic recently held a dual Instagram Live with DJ Wegun, where a malicious commenter who claimed Simon D wasn’t a real hip-hop artist, but just someone with connections.


After reading the comment, Simon D became furious as he began firing back at the commenter. He began a rant using curse words to express his frustration.

“What the f*ck do you mean ‘network hip-hop’? Alright, fine. But why’re you f*cking around? Just listen.

I mean, sh*t. If good people get together to make something f*cking good… you can’t call that connections.

Just listen to it. If you don’t want to listen to [my songs], then don’t. I mean, f*ck. You’re probably just listening to my music in the corner of your room, f*ck.

Do you see musicians as f*ckers? Huh? Do you think music is f*cking easy to make? You don’t have the right to judge.”

— Simon Dominic


All throughout the video, concerned fans tried to calm him down through messages.

  • “Please don’t be mad…..”
  • “Why are you so mad, Simon D?”
  • “Calm down…”
  • “Oppa… I get it… Stop being so angry…”


The morning after his rant, Simon Dominic took to Instagram to apologize for cursing on a live broadcast in front of many fans.

“Hello, this is Simon Dominic.

I apologize for making a lot of people uncomfortable by using inappropriate language and curse words on Instagram Live last night.

It was my mistake and I have no excuse, so I sincerely apologize to the people who were disappointed by my words and behavior.

Thank you for your criticisms and concerns. I will reflect on this incident and become a more mature person who communicates more appropriately.

Thank you.”

— Simon Dominic


Fans have been leaving supportive comments to his apology, claiming that he didn’t have to apologize in the first place.

  • “Simon D had more than enough right to curse in that situation. For months he worked night and day on his music without ever leaving his studio. But you dare to say those songs aren’t real hip hop? He could have chosen not to curse but its what people do in reality. Did he do drugs or drink and drive? ㅋㅋ~~~ He doesn’t deserve the hate.”
  • “I thought it was just funny that he was putting the malicious commenter in his place. I don’t know what he did wrong. Everyone’s exaggerating.”
  • “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I had so much fun watching yesterday’s live. Geez.”
  • “I saw the whole live but what’s the problem? These news articles are ridiculous.”
  • “Oppa you did nothing wrong. They’re just blowing things out of proportion. Have strength!”
Source: eDaily