Simon Dominic’s Parents Choose This Celebrity As The Ideal Daughter-In-Law Candidate

“LMAO. And THAT’s how we establish a love triangle out of the f*cking blue.”

On the latest episode of I Live Alone, rapper Simon Dominic appeared with his parents who weren’t shy at all to openly share their love for co-star and comedian Park Na Rae!


However, their interest in her exceeded that of a celebrity – they were interested in her as a daughter-in-law! Simon Dominic’s father asked about Park Na Rae’s drinking habits with intense curiosity.

“Does she really drink that well? She even has a bar set up in her house, huh? I think she’s pretty. I like her.”

— Simon Dominic’s Father


Then the rapper’s mother chimed in, praising Park Na Rae of her cooking skills!

“You know, she can really cook, better than most housewives.”

— Simon Dominic’s Mother 


The parents were interested in having Simon Dominic get married soon, preferably to someone like Park Na Rae.

“I want a daughter-in-law just like her… I want you to get married and settle down because by yourself, you’re a mess.”

— Simon Dominic’s Mother

With the hint of parental approval, Park Na Rae rejoiced in excitement while the other I Live Alone members remained surprised!


Later, when Henry dropped by the studio, Park Na Rae introduced Simon Dominic as “Appa (아빠, father)” — as Henry calls Park Na Rae “Umma (엄마, mother)”.


Meanwhile, model Han Hye Jin warned cartoonist Kian84 who has been building up a strong “love line” with Park Na Rae!

“What are you going to do, Kian-ah!”

— Han Hye Jin


Perhaps it would be a match made in heaven as Simon Dominic is one of the most famous rappers in Korea and Park Na Rae is a killer DJ!


Nevertheless, fans had a blast watching this complicated love triangle develop on set!

  • “I actually think they’ll be super cute together!”

  • “LMAO. And THAT’s how we establish a love triangle out of the f*cking blue.”

  • “Doesn’t it look like Simon Dominic thinks Park Na Rae is super cute though?”

  • “Simon Dominic is going to make a great husband. If he learned anything from watching his father treat his mother, he would be the best husband material!”

  • “They would ADORE Park Na Rae if she became their daughter-in-law.”

  • “OMG the parents are so cute. They’d be the best in-laws any wife could ask for!”

  • “Did you see the look on Simon Dominic’s face though LOL. It’s a no go, sorry mom.”


Watch the full clip below:

Source: OSEN