Sina reports on speculations surrounding EXO-M Tao’s plans to nullify contract with SM Entertainment

On December 9th, rumors about EXO-M‘s Tao planning to nullify his contract with SM Entertainment and returning to China spread through Chinese social media site Weibo, leading to much speculation about the rapper’s future career. This rumor follows the actions of former EXO-M members Kris (Wu Yifan) and Luhan, both of whom filed lawsuits against SM Entertainment for contract nullification earlier this year. The rumors were posted through the Weibo verified accounts of several entertainment industry critics.

One critic, 麻辣婊哥, posted: “Huang Zitao is going to nullify his contract and return to China.” Soon after, another critic, 八哥专用, also posted a message along a similar line: “This group is considered to be facing a bottleneck; they are facing a regrouping issue. SM is grooming a new group and won’t put too much effort into EXO; EXO’s peak has already past.”

Both users have hundreds of thousands of followers on Weibo, with verified accounts and are publicly known to the Chinese audience. These posts caught the attention of many fans, garnering over 6,000 comments and reblogs and causing a lot of commotion among EXO-L.

SM Entertainment has yet to respond to these rumors and netizens have been pointing out that these rumors could be an effort just to stir up commotion.

Source: Sina