Singer 40 Under Investigation For Sexual Harassment, Agency Denies Allegations

Claimed they were unaware of any investigation.

Allegations of sexual harassment arose against the singer 40, real name is Kim Han Jun, however, his agency have denied the claims as being untrue.

Source: YouTube

40’s agency and affiliated companies told OSEN on December 19 that the “allegations of sexual harassment are not true.” The official also stated that the investigation was unknown and was being confirmed with the singer.

Source: Kstyle

Recently, a media company reported that 40 was suspected of acting obscenely against Person A who had been interviewed at a voice training school he operated. According to the report, 40 was charged with a summary indictment (fine penalty) at Seoul Central District Court last month and is currently under investigation with the prosecutor’s office.

40 debuted in 2011, releasing such sounds as “Counting Stars” and “듣는 편지”.

Source: kstyle