Singer Gains Attention After Alleging BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” Show Oversold, With Fans Barred From Entry After Paying

The organizer responded.

Since holding a two-day concert in Seoul back in October 2022, BLACKPINK has been traveling around the world to bring their BORN PINK tour to their fans worldwide.

Initial schedule for BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” tour | @blackpinkofficial

On March 18, BLACKPINK brought their concert to Kaohsiung. However, just as the show got underway, reports circulated that nearly 50 fans couldn’t get into the venue despite paying for a ticket, and among them was local veteran singer Angie Lee.

Angie Lee | @angielee888

Angie Lee explained what happened and expressed her anger to the media.

The staff at the venue said my husband’s and my daughter’s tickets were oversold tickets, so they kept the two of them from entering. That’s completely ridiculous.

We paid over two months ago. We spent over $9,000 TWD (about $300 USD) and bought them directly from the organizer. They told us to pick up the tickets at the venue, but the staff at the venue said our tickets were oversold tickets, so there were no tickets for us.

You can’t wait until someone shows up at the venue before telling them there’s a problem.

– Angie Lee

The organizer of the show | Live Nation

In response to the accusations, the organizer, Live Nation, denied Angie Lee’s claims.

We didn’t oversell the tickets. Each seat is assigned to one ticket. We ask this artist to provide proof that she indeed purchased tickets from the official organizer and official ticketing system.

– Live Nation

Additionally, they explained that they took steps to verify Angie Lee’s claims.

The staff at the venue confirmed that there are no such things as ‘picking tickets up at the venue’ and ‘oversold tickets.’ We can’t find the 50 fans [that were allegedly affected by this incident]. I confirmed with all staff members that no such thing happened. As long as the tickets are sold officially, they can be used to enter the venue.

– Live Nation


Angie Lee has not yet responded to Live Nation’s statement. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will perform a second show in Kaohsiung on the 19th.

Source: SETN


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