Singer ATONE Praised For Stopping A Man From Attempted Sexual Assault

He’s a hero.

Singer and composer ATONE is being praised for his heroism, stopping a man from sexually assaulting a woman.

On November 30, Channel A reported that the singer stopped a man from assaulting a woman at 8:30 in the morning. The singer threw the man over his shoulder and stayed with him while waiting for the cops to arrive.

The singer explains further in a call with News 1 that he was sleeping when he heard a woman screaming outside. When he went to check his window, he saw a foreign man trying to assault a woman. He initially warned the man through the window and ran out, causing the woman to be able to run barefoot. The foreign man approached ATONE, swinging his fist, and as they fought, the singer asked a car passing by to report to the police.

People from the nearby church were able to help suppress the man.

I didn’t do it alone. It was something that we, the citizens, did together. I only threw him over my shoulder since he was trying to run away.

The assailant was discovered to be an English instructor from the United States. He was booked for sexual assault. The assailant claims to be drunk during the time of the incident and is denying the charges.

ATONE appeared on Mnet‘s I Can See Your Voice during its sixth season. He has produced tracks for stars such as Baek Ji Young and Migyo. The composer made his debut on November 28 with “Ballad.” When asked about the positive reaction he’s receiving, he said that he was embarrassed and shocked at the feedback.

Source: Naver