Singer BIGJO Dies During Surgery At The Age Of 43

He was only 43. May he rest in peace.

Singer BIGJO, who promoted with co-ed hip-hop group Holladang for 8 years, passed away due to health complications during surgery.

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According to an exclusive report from Edaily, BIGJO was undergoing an operation at a hospital in the Gimpo area of Seoul, when he was declared dead at 6:20 pm KST. The news was shared by a producer who worked with BIGJO in the past. He was only 43 years old.

| Holladang

BIGJO has been well-known throughout the Korean YouTube community as a content creator, and recently announced he would be halting his YouTube activities to focus on his health. His weight had ballooned up to 320kg (705 pounds) and his health was suffering because of his weight. In addition, on December 27, his YouTuber friends revealed that BIGJO had to undergo a tracheostomy, as he was having difficult breathing, and suffering from diabetes and kidney failure.

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BIGJO debuted and garnered attention from netizens for his weight, as he debuted while weighing 250kg (551 pounds). After undergoing a strict diet and exercise regimen with renowned fitness instructor Sean Lee, he lost 100kg (220 pounds), but yoyoed back up to 320kg.

When he debuted, he weighed nearly 250kg, but he had frequent health issues such as inflammation at that time. He was hospitalized after gaining weight again. Due to the inflammation, there was a problem with his organs and he was bleeding so he went to get surgery, but the bleeding couldn’t be stopped, and he passed away.

BIGJO only has his mother left for family, and right now she isn’t in the condition [to take care of matters]. The funeral proceedings haven’t been decided yet.

— BIGJO’s former producer

BIGJO’s most recent musical performance was featuring on y_goon‘s song in December 2019.

Source: Edaily and Edaily