Singer Dana Succeeds In Losing 60 Pounds, Overcomes Her Depression

Photos from her swimwear photoshoot revealed the results.

Singer and musical actress, Dana, has been receiving attention for her successful diet, having lost 27kg (59.5lbs) in total.

Dana had previously confessed that the breakup with her ex-boyfriend and the death of her acquaintance had led to severe depression and that she was taking various medication as a result. With the addition of insomnia, late-night snacking and binge-eating, she had reached up to 82kg (180.7lbs). The people around her had even worried that her entertainment career might come to an end.


In order to repay her fans for their support and to restore her health, Dana gave everything she had to embark on her last diet and succeeded in losing 27kg (59.5lbs), from 82kg (180.7lbs) to 55kg (121lbs).


According to Dana’s diet consultant, both Dana’s physical and emotional state was unstable due to severe depression and her lifestyle had slowed her metabolism and appetite control. As a result, her diet method was focused on restoring balance in the autonomic nervous system and creating a healthy biorhythm.


With a visceral fat level of 169.5, Dana was also had severe abdominal obesity and therefore, was placed on a device program that helped reduce fan inside muscles, improve size and elasticity. She was also placed on a 3-meal diet of consistent portions at set times of the day to control her appetite control.


Dana explained that she was happy and proud to have overcome her depression and succeed in her challenging diet.

Before doing the diet, I didn’t expect to be able to overcome my depression. I didn’t even dream of doing a magazine photoshoot for swimwear but seeing myself smiling in front of the camera in a swimsuit makes me very happy and proud, even if it’s a little strange. I’ve done many diets during my entertainment life but this is the first time I did a diet this healthily and comfortably.

ㅡ Dana

Source: Newsen