Singer DeVita Hints At New Relationship With Hot Model After Allegedly Breaking Off Engagement

All the hints are there.

Singer DeVita might have been dropping hints about a new potential beau for a while now!

DeVita | @lilchoster/Twitter

DeVita is a soloist under AOMG and has often attracted attention not only for her gorgeous looks and talent…

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| Melon
| Melon

…but her unmatched and (sometimes NSFW) sense of humor.

In June 2022, fans were surprised that the singer was reportedly engaged to her boyfriend, who seemingly shared the news by posting a photo captioned “fiance.

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This was happy news — but sometime after, it seemed like the engagement was broken off, and the two went their separate ways. As of late, fans think DeVita might have been hinting at a new relationship for a while now!

On Valentine’s Day, DeVita shared photos on her Instagram story thanking someone for what appeared to be a heart-shaped box of chocolates and some jewelry from Tiffany&Co. The post before this one was of the mysterious person but did not show their face.

| @lilchoster/Instagram
| @lilchoster/Instagram

The username tagged in the photos was none other than the model and variety show star Han Hyun Min!

Han Hyun Min | IMBd

Fans first suspected something was happening between the two after these photos, and their suspicions only increased as they shared more pictures together.

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Recently, DeVita shared a photo of the two on her Twitter account with the caption “Bestie,” tagging his Twitter account. It’s worth noting that the singer has a photo of Hyun Min on the back of her phone case.

Hyun Min, who recently opened his Twitter, responded to the now-deleted tweet questioning her usage of the word bestie, and refuting it. When a fan asked what he meant by this Hyun Min responded, “She’s my girl.”

Though Hyun Min deleted the tweet after, fans have been celebrating and congratulating the pair on their potential relationship!