Singer Gains Attention After His Label Uploads A Fake News Report About His “Relationship” And “Breakup” With BLACKPINK’s Rosé

He’s a well-known fanboy of Rosé.

Popular Hong Kong singer Kaho Hung gained attention after his label uploaded a “making of” video for his latest single, “My Secret Park,” a song believed to be inspired by BLACKPINK’s Rosé. The video features a fake news report about a “relationship” between Kaho and Rosé.

Kaho has always been a well-known fanboy of Rosé. When it was revealed that his song would be released on Valentine’s Day with the title “My Secret Park,” combined with an image teaser featuring a girl styled like Rosé, fans had no doubt the song was inspired by the K-Pop artist, whose last name is “Park.”

Teaser for “My Secret Park” | @hungkaho

The “making of” video for the song’s MV also caught the attention of many netizens. Unlike regular “making of” videos where scenes of the shooting are shown, this video is in the form of a fake news report, with a headline reading “Kaho Hung And Rosé Couldn’t Overcome Being Apart, Report Of A Breakup Becomes A Hot Topic.”

Fake news report | @warnermusichk

The fake news report begins by showing photos of Kaho and Rosé using the same items and posing the same way, alluding to a relationship between the two.

Recently, rumors circulated that Hong Kong singer Kaho Hung and Korean female artist Rosé appear to have broken up. From photos taken by Kaho’s fans, Kaho seemed tired and had a lot on his mind when he attended BLACKPINK’s concert.

– Fake news report

Fake news report | @warnermusichk

The “news report” also features a fake interview segment with a voice-over acting as Kaho and talking about the “relationship” between him and Rosé.

Do you understand? First of all, we’re not at the same height [level]. And we also live in different places. So lately, it’s been really tough. My heart aches.

– Fake news report

Fake news report | @warnermusichk

The fake report then says there are rumors the two broke up because Kaho has moved on to NewJeans. The video cuts to an actual clip of Kaho talking about Rosé and NewJeans, but the original context was about the music he was listening to.

Kaho: I’m only listening to NewJeans today.

Staff: Don’t you like Rosé?

Kaho: It’s over.

– Real clip in the fake news report

Fake news report | @warnermusichk

After the “making of” video was released, netizens immediately flocked to the Instagram post and left comments.

  • “Hey, there are still two days before April Fool’s Day. Why is there a joke already?”
  • “I thought this was real at first.”
  • “Have you taken your medicine yet?”
  • “This is way too funny.”
  • “The staff is crazier than Kaho.”
  • “Did this get posted to the wrong account? Isn’t this account for serious stuff?”



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