Singer Gummy and actor Jo Jung Suk revealed to be dating for 2 years

Recording solo artist Gummy and actor Jo Jung Suk have been revealed to be dating, and have been together for 2 years!


On February 2nd, Gummy’s agency C-JeS Entertainment admitted to the the rumors of the two celebrities dating and stated, “Gummy and Jo Jung Suk are in a good relationship.”  


The two first became close friends after they were both introduced to each other through a mutual friend 2 years ago, and naturally developed feelings for each other through their common interest in music. An entertainment personnel also added, “The two first met through friends, and became a couple communicating through music. They couldn’t date like a normal couple, but spent time together when they had no schedules and cared for each other very much.”


Finally they concluded their statement about the new couple saying, “They are continuing to have a good relationship, and are supporting each other in their individual activities. Please watch over them and hope for them to continue their happy relationship.” 


It was also revealed that the two were seen attending each other’s events in support of one another. In September of last year, Gummy was seen at the VIP premiere of Jo Jung Suk’s movie My love, My Bride to support his movie releaseJo Jung Suk was also seen attending Gummy’s concert last December.


Source: Seoul News