Singer IU Tries To Guess The Word For A Person That’s Best In Their Field— And She’s Not Wrong

We love our queen IU!

Singer IU recently made a guest appearance on tvN You Quiz On The Block for their 100th episode special.

During IU’s ‘Yoo Quiz’ portion, she was given several different questions to answer in order to win a prize.

For the second question, she was asked, “What is the word to describe a person that represents a certain field or is the best in that field?”

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As she contemplated her answer, both Jo Se Ho and Yoo Jae Suk tried to give her hints to the answer.

Jo gave her the hint that it was a word that they used a lot to describe her too.

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With time running out, she had no choice but to quickly give her answer: Yoo Jae Suk!

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Both the hosts and staff laughed at her witty response! Although a good answer, unfortunately, it was incorrect. The correct answer was ‘icon’!

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Netizens that watched the episode couldn’t agree more with IU’s answer.

  • “Her answer was totally legit!”
  • “Her answer was correct though! And how does she look so cute in that carrot set?”
  • “She’s really humble, she could have said her name and it would have been correct.”

Although she didn’t win the prize money, she did get to take home a cute carrot bag and headband set!

Watch IU’s full portion below!

Source: theqoo