Singer Kevin Oh Makes A Surprise Appearance On The Reality Dating Show “Heart Signal 4”

He came to see one of the participants.

In the second episode of Channel A‘s reality dating show Heart Signal 4, the participants revealed their occupations and age.

The panelists of “Heart Signal 4” | Channel A

Heart Signal 4 is back with a new season in three years, and many are expectant to witness new heart-fluttering moments and love-lines form among the the eight young and good-looking singles. The first episode aired on May 17, where netizens finally met six out of the eight participants.

The cast of “Heart Signal 4” | Channel A

Out of all the members, Kim Ji Young received a lot of attention for her actress-like beauty and was already caught up in controversy because of rumors and claims that she was “packaging herself” for the show.

The participants were not allowed to share their occupations or age until the second episode. One of the most surprising participants was Lee Ju Mi, who was the first female member to enter the Signal House. She immediately lit up the room with her friendly personality and captured the panelists’ hearts with her sweetness.

Lee Ju Mi introduced herself as a 29-year-old freelance lawyer who drums as a hobby. She shared that she’s a third-year lawyer and that it had been ten years since she graduated from law school and pursued her law career.

While showing Lee Ju Mi in her workplace, actress Gong Hyo Jin‘s husband and singer-songwriter Kevin Oh appeared as a client, gaining attention.

| Channel A

The scene showed Kevin Oh conversing with Lee Ju Mi about copyright laws, and netizens were captivated by her professional appearance.

| Channel A

The occupations of other participants included an intern doctor, college student, barista, and more.

Source: Wikitree
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