Singer Nikki Mackliff Responds To Allegations Of Plagiarizing BTS’s Album Cover

The singer claims she and her team were not aware of BTS’s artwork.

Ecuadorian singer Nikki Mackliff recently released her song “Amor A Medias” and fans of BTS quickly noticed the cover art’s resemblance to BTS’s 2018 album Love Yourself: Answer.

The art for Nikki Mackliff’s “Amor A Medias.” | Instagram
The art for BTS’s Love Yourself: Answer. | BIGHIT MUSIC

After ARMYs took to social media to bring awareness to the issue, Mackliff responded on her Instagram story.

To all BTS fans, I find it important to speak out about what is happening …

I want you to know that my team and I were not aware of the BTS album cover.

My team is already working on new designs.

To all the fandom of the group, as an artist I respect art very much and I am sorry to have caused this.

In the next few days we will be making adjustments to a new cover of ‘Amor a Medias’

— Nikki Mackliff

She uploaded a collection of videos on her Instagram story and pinned them in a highlight titled “Clarification.”

Nikki Mackliff’s Instagram page.

Mackliff again confirmed that she and her team will change the artwork. She called ARMYs “an incredible fandom” and “a super-strong fandom” and thanked them for sending her messages of support and understanding.

| @NikkiMackliff/Instagram

ARMYs are hesitant to believe Mackliff’s explanation and hope to avoid instances of plagiarism in the future. Many are sending emails to HYBE in light of the issue.

Source: Instagram and Twitter