Singer Noh Ji Hoon Reveals He Used To Live With BTS Before Going After His Dreams

He slept and ate in the same dorm as them!

Singer Noh Ji Hoon reveals his story of how he could have almost become a BTS member! On the most recent episode of Eating Out Day, he revealed that he used to be under Bang Si Hyuk‘s management back in the day.

Noh revealed that he even lived with the BTS members for 2 years before leaving the company!

He wasn’t just a part of the same company as them but he actually ate and slept with the members.

Here is a photo of RM, Suga, and Noh Jihoon together!

He even recalled J-Hope being in the bed across from him!

He reveals that there were four bunk-beds…

…with RM being in the bed above him and Suga and J-Hope in the bunk bed next to them.

He also remembered the day a new member joined them…

…who happened to be none other than the golden maknae Jungkook!

Jungkook was such a young child when he first met him.

Turns out, Noh lived in the dorms with the members even before BTS was even made!

This whole story started after Noh met with Bang Si Hyuk during an audition program.

Bang asked Noh if he would like to join him in something he is preparing.

And that is how he was able to live in the dorms with the BTS members.

The hosts were curious as to why he came out as a solo singer instead.

Noh revealed that at that time, his dream was to become a solo singer.

His role model was singer Rain and coincidentally, he received an offer from the CEO who found Rain!

And so ultimately, he moved to the company Rain was in to become a solo artist.

Some of the hosts wondered if he would do things differently if he could go back in time. “I don’t think that BTS was my place.”

“The members of BTS now are what makes them BTS.”

Knowing just how hard and long BTS prepared for their debut, he felt that even if he did stay there, he never would have been a part of BTS.

Regardless of where he started and what path he chose, many fans are proud and happy for Noh and where he stands today as an artist.


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