Singer PinkPantheress Confirms She’s An NCTzen, And Reveals Her Bias And Favorite Songs

She follows multiple NCT members on Instagram — and some more idols, too!

English singer PinkPantheress just confirmed she’s a longtime fan of NCT and fans are freaking out!

PinkPantheress is a singer from England whose music has gone viral on TikTok. | @pinkpantheress/Instagram

The 20-year-old currently dominates the trending sounds on TikTok with her viral songs. One song, “Just For Me,” has almost 1 million videos under it!

Fans noticed that PinkPantheress follows multiple members of NCT on Instagram, including MarkJohnnyTen, and Taeyong.

PinkPantheress follows Mark, Johnny, Ten, and Taeyong. | @pinkpantheress/Instagram

She also follows other K-Pop idols! Fans have jokingly said that she’s an SM Entertainment stan” since her following list includes Red Velvet‘s Seulgi as well as EXO‘s Baekhyun and Sehun. PinkPantheress also follows Ren from NU’EST!

| @pinkpantheress/Instagram

NCTzens have been messaging her on Instagram to ask about her NCT interests. User @soursoIar on Twitter posted a conversation between her and PinkPantheress where the singer apparently revealed she has listened to NCT since their debut! When asked about the song “Work It,” the drum-and-bass (or DnB) artist recalled it has “a crazy beat.”

| @soursoiar/Twitter

Twitter user @starrypests shared this conversation where they asked her if she had a favorite song, and PinkPantheress had a whole list! She named “Superhero,” likely referring to NCT 127’s 2019 single “Superhuman,” as well as the B-sides “Baby Don’t Like It,” “Dreams Come True,” and “Elevator.”

| @starrypests/Twitter

She also apparently revealed that her bias is none other than NCT’s main vocal Haechan!

| @andf*ckmarkren/Twitter

Fans of NCT and PinkPantheress couldn’t be more excited to hear that the singer is a fan and still enjoys the group’s music to this day!

Source: PinkPantheress, @soursoiar, @starrypests and @andf*ckmarkren