Singer RAIN Shocks Netizens By Revealing He’s Considered “Pre-Obese” On Medical Exam

“Are we sure the machine isn’t broken…”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

If there’s one thing that K-Pop soloist RAIN is known for outside of being a talented singer, performer, and actor, it’s that he’s ridiculously muscular and toned.


At 40 years old and a father of two, RAIN has the physique that many people likely wish they could have, not just at his age but in general!

That’s why it shocked RAIN and his fans when he posted a story on Instagram revealing the results of a medical exam that states he is considered “pre-obese.”

But… I work out… so much… How am I pre-obese… WTF… WDYM I have to work out more regularly… Am I supposed to train professionally now? Do I change careers at this point…? I work out twice a day. Are we sure the machine isn’t broken… LOLOLOL.

It’s hard to know what the parameters of the test were without more data, but it’s likely that the results were based purely on the idol’s BMI. This method of measuring a person’s weight is notoriously inaccurate and outdated but is still used by a lot of medical professionals.


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A person’s BMI is calculated only from a person’s weight and height and doesn’t consider things such as muscle or fat content — meaning, many extremely muscular people could be considered “obese” due to muscles being denser than fat. And this is likely the case for RAIN’s results!

With his impressive physique, there doesn’t seem to be a thing RAIN actually needs to change about his workout or diet to stay healthy!

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