Singer Sam Kim’s Father Confirmed As A Victim Of Gun Violence In Seattle

May he rest in peace.

Hansoo Kim, the father of solo singer Sam Kim, was recently identified as the victim of gun violence in Seattle after passing away during a robbery.

Hansoo Kim, father of Sam Kim. | GoFundMe

According to local authorities, on January 14 at about 8:30 P.M., “multiple suspects” entered the Rainier Teriyaki restaurant owned by Hansoo Kim. At some point during the robbery, Kim was shot in the torso, and the suspects fled the scene.

Seattle residents leave condolences outside the restaurant where the incident took place. | Erika Schultz/The Seattle Times

Local media described Kim as a “devoted family man” and outdoor enthusiast who “was always willing to lend a hand and support the people in his life.Antenna, Sam Kim’s label, confirmed the news and shared that the funeral occurred on January 24, with over 200 Seattle residents in attendance.

SeattleN, a Korean news source in Seattle, confirmed that Sam Kim sang an altered version of “Mama Don’t Cry” at the ceremony to honor his father.

Sam Kim | Antenna

A GoFundMe was set up by a family friend to support the family during this difficult time and since has raised over $80,000 USD.

Seattle police are still investigating this tragedy and have not made any arrests in relation to the robbery and shooting.

Antenna has asked fans to offer condolences and support to Sam during this time.

We would appreciate if fans could offer condolences to Sam while he grieves the loss of his father. May the deceased rest in peace.

— Antenna

We offer our condolences to Sam Kim and his family.

Source: SeattleN, The JoongAng and The Seattle Times
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