Korean Singer-Songwriter REI AMI Calls Out BTS Haters In The Industry

She called BTS “underrated” and explained why.

Korean singer-songwriter REI AMI has called out BTS haters in the US industry.

REI AMI | Lauren Dunn
From left: BTS’s Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, RM, and V.

Last year, REI AMI walked Rihanna‘s Fenty runway and released her debut mixtape FOIL. Before that, she had worked a corporate job.

Recently, she guested on Episode 32 of Under The Influence Show. She talked about everything from her music career, her “psycho ex-boyfriend,” and even BTS.

During a segment, she was asked to judge what is overrated vs. underrated, and BTS was one of the subjects chosen. To the hosts’ surprise, she responded “underrated,” but they came to agree with her reasons.

Underrated for political reasons… ’cause people still sh*t on BTS.


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REI AMI explained her choice. She reminded them that BTS has accomplished so many remarkable achievements worldwide.

Let’s consider all their accomplishments. They’ve done crazy sh*t. They’re so successful as a f*cking outsider coming into the western media. They have killed it. Right?


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Despite BTS’s accomplishments, though, many still fail to show them respect. This includes people in the industry, such as journalists.

But there’s still journalists, there are still people in this industry that want to f*cking … and I’m not a diehard [fan]. But the thing is they’ve accomplished so much, but there are still people in the industries like f*cking blog writers, journalists, whatever that want to just like downplay their success.


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REI AMI called out those who continually attempt to downplay BTS’s success and hard work. While she may not self-identify as an ARMY, she recognizes the mistreatment.

That’s why I’m saying BTS is underrated because people try to downplay and take away from all their hard work, and it’s like … to do what they’re doing is very f*cking difficult. It’s not easy, and they’ve sacrificed a lot, I’m sure, to be where they’re at and to have just white people sh*t on that is disrespectful.


| Under The Influence/YouTube

ARMYs are applauding her response. On TikTok, the video clip garnered 146.3K views, while a Twitter repost has 30.8K views at the time of writing.


all asian men owe bts a huge debt #reiami #barchemistry #nectar #podcast

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Watch the full episode below.

Source: Billboard and Under The Influence Show

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