Singers Mentioned In Block B Park Kyung’s Tweet To Take Legal Action

Vibe and Lim Jae Hyun will be taking legal action

Block B Park Kyung’s tweet about artists and chart manipulation has sparked much controversy in the Korean music industry.


Several artists mentioned in his Tweet have decided to take legal action against his claims.

Vibe’s agency Major 9, released an official statement regarding Park Kyung and other individuals who have posted malicious/unconfirmed comments about the group.

They stated, “Even though we have given enough time for the individuals to come forward and apologize, we did not receive one. The claims made are becoming factual, and we have decided to take legal action in regards to this.”

They also revealed that the group had suffered psychological pain due to defamation and malicious comments. They find it very unfortunate that these rumors spread without any thought about the consequences.



Below is the full statement from Vibe:

Hello, this is Major 9. This is our official statement in regards to the malicious statement made about Vibe. Although we gave the artist time to apologize, we have not received one. Because of this, the claims made by the artist are now becoming accepted as fact. We plan on taking legal action to correct the claim made by the artist. Vibe has gone through much suffering and pain due to the allegations. We are putting together evidence regarding the malicious false rumors in case we do decide to take legal action. We will not take things lightly and will not negotiate with the artist. Thank you to everyone who has supported Vibe, and we will continue to do our best to protect our artists.



Another artist, Lim Jae Hyun, will also be taking legal action against Park Kyung’s post about chart manipulation.

Lim Jae Hyun’s agency commented, “Manipulating charts using the sajaegi method is a clear criminal act, and we make it clear that our artists have not committed such criminal acts. Unfortunately, Park Kyung has made these claims so openly. We will take strong legal action against this in hopes that he will take full responsibility for his actions.”


Below is the full statement from Lim Jae Hyun’s agency:

Hello, this is Lim Jae Hyun’s agency. We want to confirm that the claims made by Park Kyung on his Twitter are false. Chart manipulation using the sajaegi method is a criminal act, and our artist has not committed this type of crime. It is unfortunate, but we will be taking intense legal action to make sure that Park Kyung will take full responsibility for his actions.



In regards to this, Park Kyung’s agency KQ Entertainment (7SEASONS) stated, “We truly apologize to all the artists mentioned in Park Kyung’s tweet. His intentions were not to defame anyone but to make a statement regarding the current situation in the industry. If his statement has made everyone any of the officials uncomfortable, we are truly sorry.”

Park Kyung posted a message on Twitter on November 24, which mentioned the actual names of artists who allegedly manipulated music charts using the sajaegi method. Park Kyung has since deleted the post and has postponed his fan sign meet event.

Source: sedaily

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