“Single’s Inferno 2” Has Finally Come To An End — Here’s Everything That Happened During The Finale

From tears to shocking results, the finale was full of so many memorable moments!

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Single’s Inferno 2 started at the end of 2022, and following the first successful series, it returned with new contestants who all wanted to find true love. After weeks of romance, here’s a look at everything that happened during the show’s finale.

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Ahead of the highly-anticipated ending, the contestants had their last moments on the island together.

Along with chatting with each other about their decisions, the group also got together around the campfire for one final chat. Whether it was clearing up any misunderstandings, getting the “tea” about each other, or revealing information about each other, it was getting netizens even more eager to find the results.

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The final day on the island arrived, and the contestants were getting ready for the final choices.

When it came to the final choice, all the female contestants were on the beach, and it was up to the male contestants to pick who they wanted to couple up with. If the female contestant has chosen the same male contestant, they will become a couple.

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The first contestant to choose was Kim Han Bin. Compared to the rest of the contestants, Han Bin’s luck with love hasn’t been as clear as the others. While he spoke to everyone, there wasn’t such clear chemistry with one female contestant.

After going to greet his #bestie Lee So E (who cheered him on), Han Bin picked Choi Seo Eun. Choi Jong Woo was next. Compared to Han Bin, his heart has always been for Shin Seul Ki, even though it wasn’t always reciprocated. It wasn’t surprising when Jong Woo picked Seul Ki.

Kim Han Bin choosing Choi Seo Eun | Netflix
Choi Jong Woo picking Shin Seul Ki | Netflix 

Joo Yoong Jae was when things started to get interesting. Although it wasn’t too surprising as he went and chose Seo Eun, it now meant that there were now two people fighting for her affection.

Joo Young Jae picking Seo Eun | Netflix

When it came to fan favorite Kim Se Jun, there were no second thoughts or confusion from netizens when it came to his pick. After she captured his heart when arriving on the island, Se Jun cemented that Lee So E is truly this season’s OTP!

Kim Se Jun picked Lee So E | Netflix

Shin Dong Woo was next, and he also seemed to have to change feelings throughout the series. After teasing netizens by going to Lee Nadine, he cemented his pick by also picking Seul Ki. There were now two female contestants with two male contestants.

Shin Dong Woo picked Seul Ki | Netflix

With Kim Jin Young next, many anticipated that Seul Ki might end up with three suitors, and it was true. After breaking netizens’ hearts by not turning down Nadine (after tricking everyone), he also went to Seul Ki.

Kim Jin Young made netizens think he was choosing Lee Nadine | Netflix 
Until he also picked Seul Ki in the end | Netflix

So, it was now up to the women to make their choices and hear each other’s thoughts on each other.

Se Jun and So E had one of the most swoonworthy endings, speaking about how much they cared for each other. Despite Se Jun’s cold appearance, his words were sweet, and it wasn’t surprising that they left the island together, hand in hand and with matching outfits.

Soe Eun then had to pick between Han Bin and Yoong Jae. Yet, after their beautiful last date in “Paradise,” it wasn’t surprising when she picked Yoong Jae and shocked fans as Han Bin remained on the island alone.

Of course, the final person to choose was Seul K. Throughout the series, the three men who picked Seul Ki all had different interactions with her and wanted to share their feelings.

While she always seemed to have a connection with Jin Young, netizens couldn’t believe it when she chose Jong Woo, who has always had feelings for her. Seeing his reaction, along with the judges, had everyone crying…

It will be interesting to see whether the couples stay together and what the future holds for the contestants.

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