Why “Single’s Inferno 2” Star Choi Jong Woo Asks Lee Nadine To “Play Cubes” With Him

Netizens discovered the reason.

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Netflix‘s hit Korean reality dating show Single’s Inferno returned at the end of 2022 for Season 2. A new group of singles is trying to find love on the deserted island “Inferno,” but if their feelings are reciprocated, they can escape to Paradise (resort). Some are given an extra chance by winning games.

In Episode 7, Lee Nadine ranked 3rd Place in the women’s Korean wrestling game to win a Paradise date with a man of their choice. Knowing she would be the third woman to take their pick and others might have the same crushes, she was stressed in deciding.

Lee Nadine (left) and Min Su (right) | Netflix

During some time before her decision, Nadine went to the women’s tent to think. Choi Jong Woo, who is committed to Shin Seul Ki but friendly with everyone, came by.

Choi Jong Woo (left) and Nadine (right) | Netflix

Jong Woo asked Nadine if she wanted to “play cubes,” meaning the 3-D combination puzzle Rubik’s Cube. She declined, though.


She explained she had too much on her mind to play. So, Jong Woo stayed and played with the cube by himself while being a listening ear to her dilemma.


Some viewers might have been confused by the scene, wondering about the context behind Jong Woo suddenly asking Nadine to play with a Rubik’s Cube. Well, netizens discovered that Nadine has yet another skill…

Nadine previously went viral with her university acceptance video. She has a YouTube channel with her family.

| @nimo_fam/YouTube

Watching the YouTube channel, Single’s Inferno 2 fans discovered that Lee Nadine is incredibly skilled at solving a Rubik’s Cube. So, that was why Jong Woo had asked about playing cubes with her!


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| @exatly4/TikTok

The cube Jong Woo was playing with is even the same one from her YouTube video!


Nadine is a Harvard student studying neuroscience, an athlete, and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in little to no time. What can’t she do?!

Single's Inferno

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