“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Kim Jin Young Reveals The Real Reason Behind Not Picking Lee Nadine During The Final Episode

It’s a question everyone wanted the answer to!

Although Single’s Inferno 2 might have ended, netizens are still loving the constant content and updates from all the netizens, whether it’s behind-the-scenes tea or updates on their relationships.

Recently, Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young appeared in a video together and spilled some TMI from the show.

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Jin Young arrived later than most of the contestants. While he seemed to have caught the attention of many of the female contestants, netizens loved his chemistry with fan-favorite Nadine.


Of course, the instant chemistry meant that netizens were shocked when Jin Young eventually chose Shin Seul Ki, even gaining criticism for the way he approached Nadine before picking someone else.

One of the netizens’ biggest questions was why Jin Young chose Seul Ki over Nadine in the final episode.

It seems like the answer has just been revealed after Nadine invited Jin Young onto her YouTube channel and had a chat about everything that happened on the show.

During the video, Nadine didn’t beat around the bush when she asked, “Why didn’t you select me?” Jin Young was quick to defend himself as he explained, “Nadine really did catch my eyes at first.”

While Nadine thought Jin Young was lying, he shared that several reasons led to his choice, although not all netizens would agree with them.

As superficial as it might seem, Jin Young explained that Nadine’s height played a role in his decision.

I was thinking that you might make me seem small because I didn’t stand too close. I would have noticed that I was a bit taller but, from afar, I was like ‘She might be taller than me!’ That’s how I felt.

— Kim Jin Young

The second seemed to be the cultural differences, considering that Nadine was born and raised in America.

Secondly, your style is something rare to see in Korea. That was fresh, but I couldn’t ask you out on a date right away if, I am being honest.

— Kim Jin Young

Yet, it isn’t the first time the iconic scene has been discussed. In an interview, Nadine revealed her response to Jin Young when he approached her and then chose Seul Ki, revealing that a scene shown to fans.

As soon as Jin Young came to stand next to me, I jokingly questioned him, ‘Why are you here? Why don’t you go up to Seul Ki?’ That was a comical moment, in my opinion, that was cut out but perfectly captured my feelings at the time.

— Lee Nadine

Of course, Nadine and Jin Young are much better as friends, but it was interesting to hear what was going through his head when making the decision.

You can read more about Nadine’s thoughts on their relationship below.

“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Lee Nadine Reveals How The Show’s Editing Distorted The Truth Behind Her Relationship With Kim Jin Young

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