“Single’s Inferno 2” Kim Jin Young Gets Real About His Pool Scene With Shin Seul Ki

Agent H asked what the people want to know.

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Netflix‘s dating-reality show Single’s Inferno 2 has many romantic moments, but one of the most heart-fluttering scenes stars Kim Jin Young and Shin Seul Ki.

Kim Jin Young (left) and Shin Seul Ki (right) | Netflix

Unlike most of the cast, Kim Jin Young joined the show late, which could have put him at a disadvantage. By that time, the singles had already formed connections. Little did they know this tattooed soldier would shake everything up!


Kim Jin Young’s cool demeanor and killer physique piqued the female contestants’ interest, but he ultimately chose Shin Seul Ki. Like Kim Jin Young, the beautiful Shin Seul Ki had several suitors, but she chose to leave Inferno with her most steadfast admirer, Choi Jong Woo.

While in Paradise (a resort), Kim Jin Young and Shin Seul Ki took a dip in the pool that quickly turned into a romantic K-Drama scene. Kim Jin Young hooked his finger with Shin Seul Ki’s and drew her closer to him.

Needless to say, Shin Seul Ki and viewers were both flustered!

In a new interview with his fellow UDT soldier Agent H, who recently competed on Netflix’s Physical: 100, Kim Jin Young talked about Single’s Inferno 2, and more. During a Q&A, Agent H brought up the pool scene.

Kim Jin Young and Agent H.

“I had a nice time,” Kim Jin Young said, with a little laugh. When asked, “Were you satisfied with what you did?,” he answered honestly.

I wasn’t even thinking about it, so I felt content watching it. I had forgotten about it because some time passed since then. The memories came back, and those were good times.

— Kim Jin Young

For more, watch the full interview or the pool scene here:

Single's Inferno

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