“Single’s Inferno 2” Star Lee Nadine Sets The Record Straight On Why She Gets Up During Conversation With Kim Jin Young

He was as frustrated as the viewers about it!

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Single’s Inferno 2 contestants Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young recently collaborated on YouTube.

Lee Nadine (left) and Kim Jin Young (right) | 반짝이는 니모팸/YouTube

Since his arrival, viewers shipped the two. They were arguably the most compatible of all the contestants, and they had great chemistry.

Yet, it seemed like something was always separating them. For one thing, Jin Young was also interested in Shin Seul Ki. However, when Lim Min Su joined later in the series, he was the only man she was interested in.


Nadine, being the nice person she is, would always give others the opportunity to talk to Jin Young too. For example, when Park Se Jeong wanted to talk to him, Nadine let them go off alone despite his invitation to her.

From left: Jin Young, Nadine, and Se Jeong | Netflix

A very similar scenario happened later in the series with Min Su too. Nadine and Jin Young had been talking on the beach when Min Su suddenly came and sat between them. Immediately, Nadine got up, offered Min Su her blanket, and left the two despite Jin Young encouraging her to stay.

Now, in Jin Young and Nadine’s recent YouTube video, he asked her why she did that.

| 반짝이는 니모팸//YouTube

The two reacted to their “beach date” scene, including the moment Min Su joins. Both onscreen and offscreen, Jin Young was clearly confused by the situation.

 반짝이는 니모팸//YouTube

Jin Young teasingly called out Nadine for getting up and leaving. He asked her why she had left even when he told her to stay.

 반짝이는 니모팸//YouTube

Kim Jin Young: Why did you leave?

Lee Nadine: Let me explain.

Kim Jin Young: I was like, “There’s another blanket.” That means, “Sit down! Right now!”

So, Nadine explained her mindset behind the choice. She knew Min Su was very interested in Jin Young, so she tried to be considerate.

 반짝이는 니모팸//YouTube

Lee Nadine: The reason why I left was I knew for a fact that Min Su liked you a lot… So, if I stayed at that seat, it would be uncomfortable for Min Su and for you.

Kim Jin Young: I understand.

Watch more below.

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