Netizens Can’t Hide Their Relief That One “Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Left The Island Alone

“They deserve so much more than what the island provided…”

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After the success of the first series, Netflix returned with Single’s Inferno 2 and a new batch of contestants ready to find love. Yet, while the aim of the show is to find true love, netizens are happy one contestant went away alone.

“Single’s Inferno 2” poster | Netflix

After a crazy few months, the finale finally aired, and the couples were picked. While some couples were expected, such as Kim Se Jun and Lee So E and Joo Young Jae picked Choi Seo Eun

Lee So E and Kim Se Jun | Netflix
Choi Seo Eun and Joo Young Jae | Netflix 

When Shin Seul Ki picked Choi Jong Woo, it was much more surprising to fans.

Choi Jong Woo and Shin Seul Ki | Netflix

Yet, of course, with all the happy couples, the fact that three men picked Seul Ki and two picked Seo Eun meant that a number of the most-loved contestants had to go home without anyone. It included the likes of Kim Han Bin, Park Se Jeong, and especially Lee Nadine.

“Single’s Inferno” contestant Lee Nadine | Netflix

Since making her first appearance on the show, Nadine gained love from netizens. Whether it was her honest personality, dazzling visuals, or the fact she attends Harvard University and is studying neuroscience, Nadine seemed to be the perfect contestant.

| @deeenerss/Instagram
| @deeenerss/Instagram

Of course, with such beauty and charm, it wasn’t surprising that she seemingly had men who were interested in her. Whether it was Shin Dong Woo

Shin Dong Woo and Lee Nadine | Netflix
| Netflix

Or Kim Jin Young, it seemed impossible to think that Nadine wouldn’t be able to find love.

Lee Nadine and Kim Jin Young | Netflix

Unfortunately, Nadine didn’t find love after Kim Jin Young chose Seul Ki on the final episode. While most people were sad when their favorites didn’t find love, the opposite was said for Nadine.

After the final episode, netizens couldn’t hide their relief that Nadine hadn’t found anyone, believing that someone like Nadine doesn’t need a man in her life.

Many also joked that Nadine didn’t actually come on the show to find love but to help write a thesis for her college course. On social media, netizens believe that now that Nadine has all the necessary material on how people act when it comes to love, she can go back and finish her studies.

Along with Se Jeong and Han Bin, netizens were shocked that Nadine had left the island alone. Yet, with their visuals and personality, it won’t be long before they all find love, even if it isn’t on the island.

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