“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Park Se Jeong Is Forced To Delete Recent Instagram Story With Kim Se Jun After Receiving Hate From Netizens

It caused a heated debate on social media… because of a jacket!

Although Single’s Inferno 2 has ended, it is only the start for the contestants, and their popularity grows. Yet, as good as the attention can be, they are more open to criticism and hate comments.

Recently, contestant Park Se Jeong felt the impact of that after having to delete an Instagram post because of hate comments.

Contestant Park Se Jeong | Netflix

While on the show, Se Jeong gained attention for her visuals and shocked netizens when she didn’t find her happy ending with anyone on the island.

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Yet, despite her popularity on the show, Se Jeong has come received criticism from fans because of her friendship and scenes on the show with fellow contestant Kim Se Jun.

During the show, although Se Jun was smitten with Lee So E, there were moments when he first arrived when contestants thought he was swayed by Se Jeong. Even Se Jeong seemed attracted to Se Jun when he first arrived on the island.

Of course, in the end, they seemingly remained friends with Se Jeong, surprisingly leaving the island alone and Se Jun being everyone’s favorite and having the cutest bond with Lee So E.

When the show ended, the contestants proved their friendship outside the show, whether it was through chaotic Instagram Lives or by meeting up together for a catch-up.

Lee Nadine, Shin Seul Ki, Park Se Jeong and Kim Se Jun met up after the show ended

With the show ending, the contestants have also been sharing moments from the series that fans have posted. In particular, on January 23 (KST), Se Jeong shared a fan post showing that, at one point, she was wearing Se Jun’s jacket.

Unsurprisingly, the fan wanted to know if there was anything Netflix didn’t show, but Se Jeong just replied, “A lot of things have been edited. HAHA.”

Yet, within a few hours, netizens noticed that the story had been deleted.

At first, many fans didn’t understand why but the sentiment on social media seemed sensitive about the post, especially from those who are firm supporters of Se Jun and So E as a couple.

Many netizens came to Se Jeong’s defense, emphasizing that the contestant was showing off her friendship with the contestants rather than stirring up trouble.

One TikTok user explained the reason for the hate and why Se Jeong probably deleted the post, and it was all because of the jacket.

While it was a simple gesture for Se Jun to give Se Jeong a jacket, it was a huge part of his love story with So E. After going to “Paradise,” So E returned wearing Se Jun’s jacket, and it seemingly cemented their chemistry.

Another user also shared their “unhappiness” with Se Jeong after noticing that she had liked all of Se Jun’s photos. Although it is a simple action, many believed it was proof that she was either dating Se Jun or trying to stir up “trouble.”

Se Jeong later posted a video of her and So E on the island, and it seems like the contestant wanted to show how close they were and that she wasn’t trying to damage her relationship with Se Jun.

Although the post wasn’t meant to cause so much drama, as her popularity grows, Se Jeong and the other contestants will find their every move scrutinized. Hopefully, it doesn’t stop other contestants from sharing moments from the show, as it’s an insight into the editing on the show.

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