Netizens Raise Anger After “Single’s Inferno 2” Shin Seul Ki’s Recent Interview Shockingly Gets Taken Down — All Because Of Hate Comments

“I feel so bad for Seul Ki rn… some of you are f**king mad and obsessive!”

After the end of Single’s Inferno 2, the cast of the series has seen their fame and popularity increase dramatically. Yet, one contestant who is seemingly realizing the negative aspects of fame is Shin Seul Ki.

“Single’s Inferno 2” contestant Seul Ki | Netflix

During the show, Seul Ki received mixed reactions from netizens.

While she was always praised for her visuals, she received criticism for her attitude and was labeled as a “Pick Me,” along with hate for her final choice to go with Choi Jong Woo.


On February 7,  ESQUIRE Korea released a Q&A with Seul Ki.

| Esquire Korea/YouTube 

When the video was released, although the video wasn’t subtitled, fans quickly noticed that the comments were full of both Korean and international netizens who had written hateful comments.

On social media, many shared their sympathy for Seul Ki after seeing the amount of hate the contestant received.

One fan on Reddit even shared a comment under the channel that called out the contestant for allegedly saying that she wanted to be an actress, which many believed showed she was on the show for popularity, not love.

SK wants to be an actress. Knetz seemed shocked. What’s your take? from Singlesinferno2

Not even 24 hours after the video was posted, netizens noticed that the video had been taken off Esquire’s YouTube channel, and the reel was taken off Instagram.

The video was no longer on the YouTube channel

When clicking on the link shared online, it said the video wasn’t available

According to fans, many speculated that they were taken down as Esquire didn’t anticipate the level of hate Seul Ki would receive. Although the questions were quite neutral and nothing controversial was said, the hate under the video seemed intense.

After noticing what happened, netizens shared their sympathy for Seul Ki, raising anger that she was being subjected to such intense hate for no real reason.

Some even shared their sadness that a lot of the hate comments seemed to be coming from other females.

Of course, as shocking as the comments and hate were, it shouldn’t be too surprising. Even during series one, contestant Song Ji A (known as Freezia) also received a lot of criticism while she was on the show and after it finished.

“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Song Ji A Under Fire For Allegedly Wearing Fake Designer Clothes

ESQUIRE currently hasn’t confirmed the reasons for deleting Seul Ki’s content.

Source: SinglesInferno/Reddit

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