“Single’s Inferno 2” Contestant Shin Seul Ki Looks Unrecognizable In Poster For Her K-Drama Debut

With a bob and uniform, many didn’t even know it was her!

With the hype of Single’s Inferno, there are always contestants that stand out. For the second series, someone who quickly gained the attention of netizens was Shin Seul Ki.

“Single’s Inferno 2” star Shin Seul Ki | Netflix

From the moment the show started, Seul Ki became a hot topic, whether it was for being from one of the richest families, being a pageant queen, past photos, or, of course, her shocking decision in the final episode.

Seul Ki’s past photos went viral
Seul Ki left the island with Jong Woo | Netflix

In 2023, it was announced that Seul Ki was set to make her acting debut after signing with the entertainment agency Big Smile Entertainment, home to actors LomonJung Da Eun, and many more.

It was revealed that she had gotten her first supporting role in the upcoming K-Drama Pyramid Game, and it was set to be an adaptation of a popular webtoon by the same name.

Webtoon poster for Pyramid Game. | Naver Webtoon

Recently, the poster for the series was shared online with a star-studded cast. The shot had the female stars looking badass AF in their uniforms, making fans interested in the direction each star would take with their character.

The poster for the show | tvN

Yet, along with well-known names like WJSN‘s Bona and IVE Wonyoung‘s sister Jang Da Ah, netizens were shocked and excited to see Shin Seul Ki on the poster. In particular, many didn’t even recognize her at first as she cut off her long locks and rocked a bob for the poster.

When the photos were shared, netizens posted their own reactions. Of course, many were excited to see Seul Ki finally make her K-Drama debut, but others were shocked at her “Unrecognizable” transformation with short hair, making some have to do a double-take to find her.

A year after Seul Ki left the show, it will be her first major project. It’s not surprising that fans are excited to see what to expect from her after seeing her in something completely different from her past.

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