“Single’s Inferno 2” Stars Lee Nadine And Choi Jong Woo Have The Best But Underrated Friendship

They’re literally friendship goals!

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While Netflix‘s hit Korean reality show Single’s Inferno 2 was all about finding love on the deserted island “Inferno,” not everyone left as a couple.

Yet, some found something even greater: friends.

One of the best friendships that comes to mind automatically is between Kim Han Bin and Lee So E. The two were interested in Choi Seo Eun and Jo Yoong Jae, respectively, who became a couple. Naturally, Han Bin and So E bonded over unreciprocated love as they were left alone.

She even chose him when she had the choice of any man to go to Paradise with…

Yet, there is another friendship between a man and woman on the show that is incredibly underrated.

It’s none other than Choi Jong Woo and Lee Nadine.

| Netflix
| Netflix

Their story is slightly similar to that of Han Bin and So E. While Jong Woo had his heart set on Shin Seul Ki since they met, Nadine was interested in Kim Jin Young once he joined the cast. Yet, those two people were interested in each other.

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Consequently, Jong Woo and Nadine would be left waiting together, hoping to talk to the others once they had separated.

| Netflix
| Netflix

Not to mention the times they were some of the few left in Inferno while their love interests went to Paradise (resort) with other people…

During these instances, the two formed a great bond. In some moments, we can see that they became genuine friends.

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For example, in Episode 7, Nadine ranked 3rd Place in the women’s Korean wrestling game to win a Paradise date with a man of their choice. Knowing she would be the third woman to take their pick and others might have the same crushes, she was stressed in deciding. During this time, Jong Woo came by…

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Jong Woo asked Nadine if she wanted to “play cubes,” meaning the 3-D combination puzzle Rubik’s Cube. She is quite skilled at it, but she declined, though.

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At the time, she had too much on her mind to play with the cube. Still, Jong Woo stayed and played with the cube briefly, all while being a listening ear to her dilemma.

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Anytime they needed advice or anything, the other was there for each other. They were also each other’s biggest cheerleaders!

So, it should be no surprise that when Jong Woo had to pick the woman he wanted to be with in the finale, he at least stopped by Nadine on his way to Seul Ki. He wanted to express how much he valued their friendship.

| Netflix

Since Single’s Inferno 2 ended, the contestants have all shared pictures on social media. In one of the group photos, the besties were posed in the back together, doing peace signs.

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Their friendship didn’t end once they escaped Inferno, though. Nadine recently commented on a photo Jong Woo posted on New Year’s Eve.

She teasingly complimented him, and he cutely replied by telling her to prepare for their cube match, hinting at a reunion in May. Also, he is the first of all the contestants we have seen who refer to her by a nickname!

| Instagram via @yeanskii/Twitter

The next day, Nadine celebrated 1 million followers with an adorable video featuring Jong Woo. He ended up reposting it. Again, he is planning to reunite in May!

We surely can’t wait for these besties to reunite!

Source: yeanskii

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