“Single’s Inferno 2” Viewers Enraged As Jo Yoong Jae Teams Up With Kim Jin Young Against Choi Jong Woo

Many felt like his actions were shady and snaky.

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Single’s Inferno 2 viewers certainly have a least favorite contestant.

Jo Yoong Jae

Jo Yoong Jae was originally the most popular contestant as Choi Seo Eun and Lee So E were interested in him early on. Yet, viewers did not feel the same, especially after he was dishonest with So E.

If that wasn’t enough, the latest episode really made viewers dislike him. After he and the other popular male contestant among the ladies, Kim Jin Young, returned from Paradise (resort), they went to the dining hall to discover all the Polaroid pictures taken while they were gone. There were several of Shin Seul Ki and Choi Jong Woo.

For context, Seul Ki and Jin Young previously went to Paradise shortly after he joined the cast and clearly have feelings for each other. However, Jong Woo has liked Seul Ki since the start, and she seems conflicted between the two men.

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Seul Ki and Jong Woo briefly stopped by to catch up with Jin Young and Yoong Jae before leaving to talk alone. After that, Jin Young expressed concern over being unable to come between them. Surprisingly, Yoong Jae encouraged him to go for it, although he previously encouraged Jong Woo to pursue Seul Ki.

Jo Yoong Jae (left) and Kim Jin Young (right) | Netflix

Kim Jin Young: I can’t find a way to get between those two.

Jo Yoong Jae: What?

Kim Jin Young: Those two people. Unless I force myself between them, I think it’s hard to get a word in.

Jo Yoong Jae: So, Jong Woo… Has been the same since the start.

Kim Jin Young: Right.

Jo Yoong Jae: But if there’s still nothing going on, she might not have feelings for him. That’s why it could be a more unstable relationship.

Later, they were talking in the men’s shared tent when Jong Woo and Dong Woo, who previously went to Paradise with Seul Ki, started planning a strategy. Whoever didn’t win the men’s game for a Paradise date would be left, so knowing they both would choose Seul Ki if given the opportunity, they promised each other to give the one staying the chance to talk with her before. When Jin Young overheard a portion, he asked about it only to be told by Dong Woo, “That’s okay,” since he is most definitely “competition.”

Jin Young | Netflix

Shin Dong Woo: Jong Woo, you really want to win, right?

Choi Jong Woo: Yes.

Shin Dong Woo: Then if one of us ends up going… Before leaving for Paradise, why don’t we give the person staying a chance to talk to Seul Ki?

Choi Jong Woo: That sounds great.

Kim Jin Young: Sorry, I didn’t hear what you said.

Shin Dong Woo: That’s okay.

Kim Jin Young: I see… Okay.

The rest of the men in the tent got a negative vibe. The newest guy Kim Se Jun joked he would have to leave them for the women’s tent, while Yoong Jae said, “I can’t stay here. It’s getting scary.” 

Yoong Jae | Netflix

Later, the men finally played their game, all wrestling against each other, eliminating one another by throwing them out of the muddy pool. Despite many attempts, Jong Woo held out until the end, when it was just him, Yoong Jae, and Jin Young. And finally, Yoong Jae says, “Let’s team up,” hoping to end the game once and for all by taking out one man: Jong Woo.

Yoong Jae | Netflix
From left: Jin Young, Jong Woo, and Yoong Jae | Netflix

For many viewers, this entire scene was their least favorite…


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But it was Yoong Jae’s choice to team up against Jong Woo that really solidified viewers’ negative feelings toward him. In fact, many were upset.


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All the viewers already felt bad for Jong Woo.

So, many felt like Yoong Jae’s actions were snaky and rude. Not only that, but it was inconsistent, considering how he had encouraged Lee Nadine‘s relationship with Jin Young and previously Jong Woo with Seul Ki.


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What do you think about the situation?

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