Who Is He? The “Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant Who Is Accused Of Using The Show For Other Intentions

He’s already a well-known figure.

Netflix‘s hit dating reality show Single’s Inferno is back with its third season, and one of the cast members is gaining attention for his intentions behind appearing on the show.

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Since the first season in 2021, Single’s Inferno has captured the world’s attention as “hot” singles looking for love lived together on a deserted island. Song Jia, also known as the YouTuber Freezia, was in the spotlight after Season 1, and former UDT Dex was in the spotlight from Season 2.

Dex (left) and Nadine (right) on “Single’s Inferno 2” | Netflix

Recently, Netflix unveiled the trailer for Single’s Inferno 3 and shocked netizens with sneak peeks of the “hot singles” who will be on the show, and netizens recognized one of the contestants.

The familiar face was Lee Gwan Hee, a guard for the Korean professional basketball team, LG Sakers. Known for looking like rapper Beenzino, Lee Gwan Hee is a famous athlete loved by basketball fans for his plays on the court, his tall height of 190 cm, and his brutal honesty.

Lee Gwan Hee | @leegwanhee0429/Instagram

He already has experience in the entertainment industry. In January 2019, Lee Gwan Hee appeared as a guest on SBS‘s Running Man‘s “New Year” Special. During the episode, he gained attention for confessing he liked Running Man member Jeon So Min‘s “lively appearance.”

When Kim Jong Kook mentioned that Jeon So Min is “currently looking for a boyfriend,” Jeon So Min jokingly stood next to Lee Gwan Hee and created a comedic “love line” on the show.

Lee Gwan Hee (left) and Jeon So Min (right) | SBS

Although many people welcomed Lee Gwan Hee to the dating show, some were concerned about his intentions to appear on the show. They claimed that the basketball player was using the show as a marketing tool to promote his YouTube channel and personal content.

However, the panelists and producers of Single’s Inferno 3 dispelled concerns surrounding Lee Gwan Hee. On December 4, producers Kim Jae Won and Kim Jung Hyun and the show’s panelists, Hong Jin Kyung, Lee Da Hee, Kyuhyun, Haehae, and Dex, attended the press conference for Single’s Inferno 3.

“Single’s Inferno 3” panelists Hanhae, Dex, Hong Jin Kyung, Lee Da Hee, and Kyuhyun | Netflix

Lee Da Hee defended Lee Gwan Hee, saying that watching the show would change their preconceptions about Lee Gwan Hee.

The thought of whether Lee Gwan Hee’s appearance had a purpose other than dating can be erased if you watch the broadcast. He is so honest that it makes you wonder if it’s okay to be like this.

— Lee Da Hee

Hanhae also added that Lee Gwan Hee’s honest feelings are admirable.

He’s an amazing person. He quantifies the mind. He expresses his sincerity just as he feels it.

— Hanhae


Producer Kim Jae Won expanded on Lee Gwan Hee’s brutal honesty while defending the basketball player. He believed that Lee Gwan Hee’s honesty was a reason he was not there for any other purpose besides dating.

I wondered if he could be so honest in front of the camera. If Lee Gwan Hee’s purrpose was not dating but to activate his YouTube channel, he should have packaged himself more.

— Producer Kim Jae Won

Producer Kim Jae Won further shared that Lee Gwan Hee’s brutal honesty even slightly concerned him.

From a producer’s perspective, I was thankful, but I wondered if it be okay for him [in the future].

— Producer Kim Jae Won


It was also revealed that Lee Gwan Hee applied for the previous season of Single’s Inferno, but he has not been able to be on the show until now due to conflicts with his team.

He actually applied for Season 2, but it fell through at the time due to opposition from the team. After two years of persuasion, he was able to participate, and I am very grateful to the team.

— Producer Kim Jae Won

“Single’s Inferno 3” | Netflix

Single’s Inferno 3 will be available on Netflix starting December 12.

Source: MHN Sports and Chosun

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