A “Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant Shocks With Incredible Growth In Popularity — Is The First Hit To 1M Instagram Followers

From 3,000 to one million, it showcases her iconicness.

As Single’s Inferno 3 has ended, one contestant has proven her unreal popularity with a shocking growth in following by being the first to hit one million followers on Instagram.

The “Single’s Inferno 3” poster | Netflix

Since she was one of the first contestants on the show, Choi Hye Seon instantly captured the hearts of netizens.

Contestant Choi Hye Seon | Netflix

Not only was she smart and beautiful, but she was incredibly bubbly but wasn’t afraid to put Lee Gwan Hee in his place.


Of course, like all the contestants, Hye Seon has Instagram and it seems like her social media profile has cemented her “Popularity” among the contestants.

Before, during, and after the show ended, Hye Seon has always kept fans updated with beautiful photos of herself.

| @hazelchoiii/Instagram
| @hazelchoiii/Instagram
Hye Seon and Gwan Hee | @hazelchoiii/Instagram

On January 10, netizens noticed that Hye Seon had reached one million subscribers on Instagram, making her the first contestant to achieve this huge milestone.

When netizens noticed the number, they couldn’t hide their excitement for Hye Seon, sharing how much she deserved it.

Not even 24 hours after hitting one million, Hye Seon’s follower count continued to increase, and she’s currently on 1.2 million followers.

While getting that amount of followers is unreal and showcases her popularity, the growth is just as shocking. According to fans, before the show started, Hye Seon had only 3,000 followers, and this increased to around 14.7k on December 13, only a day after the show premiered.

According to stats via the website SocialBlade, this quickly increased an by the end of the first week after the show aired, she had gained over 50,000 followers.


By looking at the stats from the end of the year to now, Hye Seon’s growth has been unreal as she has gained over 800,000 new followers since December 12. In particular, the peak number of followers hit follow on the day of the finale and the day after (January 9 and 10).

Hye Seon is currently in the UK studying at Durham University, but she will undoubtedly continue to gain fame and popularity due to her beauty and charm.


Source: @hazelchoiii and Socialblade

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