Two Unexpected “Single’s Inferno 3” Contestants Go On A “Date” — Even Wearing Couples Clothes

It’s the couple we never knew we needed! 😂

Single’s Inferno 3 finally came to an end earlier in the month.

In the last episode, four couples left the island together after spending time trying to find their perfect person. While some were shocking, others cemented “ships” that had appeared during the show.

Hye Seon and Gwan Hee | Netflix
Min Young and Jin Seok | Netflix
Si Eun and Min Woo | Netflix
Min Kyu and Gyu Ri | Netflix

While no couples have confirmed they’re still dating, it seems like an unlikely duo went on a date… and it sparked “excitement” online. Everyone knows that Lee Jin Seok owns a cafe, and it has been a meet-up spot for netizens to meet some of the contestants.

Recently, Jin Seok shared a photo of two contestants on a “date,” and they were none other than Yun Ha Bin and Lee Gwan Hee. In the photo, the two looked like they were laughing over something, and it was even cuter because they were wearing matching “couple” items with their pink tops.

When the photo was shared, netizens focused on the shot of Habin and Gwan Hee, joking that the duo was on a date and that they were the best “couple” to come out of the show.

byu/Major_Teacher_4891 from discussion

byu/Major_Teacher_4891 from discussion

Sadly, it seems like it wasn’t just a solo date as later photos revealed that the whole gang of male contestants had come together, with one photo from Gwan Hee teasing some content with them.

On Reddit, fans even shared how the best relationship to come out of the show was between the male contestants.

Boy Gang Of Singles Inferno at Jinseok Cafe!
byu/TipUnited3733 inSinglesinferno2

Source: @seok_lj/Instagram

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