“Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant Gwan Hee Is Being Called Out For Being Disrespectful To The Female Contestants

“That crossed the line…”

Single’s Inferno 3 contestant has been called out for his “disrespectful” comments towards the female contestants on the show.

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At the start, athlete Lee Gwan Hee was a fan favorite and seemed to gain attention for his charm and visuals.

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Yet, Gwan Hee has been called out by netizens, the other contestants, and the hosts for his “disrespectful” behavior towards the female contestants.

During the recent episodes, Gwan Hee explained that he had three girls he was interested in. It wasn’t surprising when Ha Bin wanted to know who they were rather than just saying that there were three.

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Gwan Hee then went to answer but shocked fans and the contestants when he just went, “The three women are her, her, and her.”

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Contestant Won Ik seemed rightly confused and taken aback, asking Gwan Hee to repeat it. He didn’t help himself by repeating it with a similar tone, adding, “Those two and this one.”

Fan favorite Ha Bin then shared what everyone thought, explaining, “They all have names.”

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The female contestants didn’t seem impressed by his comments, and the hosts were equally shocked, with Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun adding, “That crossed the line.”

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Not only did things get awkward because of how he worded it, but Ha Jeong was rightly upset about him doing it so publically, adding, “It felt belittling.”

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In particular, while there have been comments that the female contestants are not supportive of each other, Gwan Hee’s comments had them all huddled together and calling him out.

Although they thought Gwan Hee was funny, they all shared that the more he acts “confident,” the more it puts them off him.

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After the scenes, even the hosts thought Gwan Hee shouldn’t watch the clips because of how honest the girls were being about him, but not in a good way.

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When the clips were shared, netizens were angry with Gwan Hee’s behavior and loved how the girls all came together to know their worth.

While it might have seemed like a small comment, Gwan Hee’s way of referring to the female contestants treated them like a product rather than individuals.

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