“Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant Lee Gwan Hee Answers If He Is Currently Dating Choi Hye Seon

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Single’s Inferno 3 contestant Lee Gwan Hee opened up about his current relationship status.

Lee Gwan Hee (left) and Choi Hye Seon (right) | Netflix

On January 10, the dating contestant spoke with the news outlet OSEN. In the report, Lee Gwan Hee revealed he was still in touch with Choi Hye Seon.

We talk to each other and are getting along.

— Lee Gwan Hee

In the finale episode of Single’s Inferno 3, the basketball player and Choi Hye Seon chose each other before leaving the island.


Due to the show being filmed months before their release, many wondered if the couple were still together. When asked if the two contestants were able to maintain a relationship outside of the show, Lee Gwan Hee answered coyly.

I can’t tell you everything in detail, but all of the contestants keep in touch and get along well. Of course, I am also getting along fine with Choi Hye Seon, but I am careful not to reveal too much.

— Lee Gwan Hee

Meanwhile, after the show’s ending, netizens suspect the couple are indeed dating, with several of their posts seemingly hinting at their relationship. You can read more about them in the link below.


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