“Single’s Inferno 3” Contestant An Min Young’s Drastic Different Appearance On Instagram Becomes A Hot Topic

Many are calling her out for over-editing.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno 3 contestant An Min Young‘s Instagram has garnered mixed reactions among netizens.

An Min Young | Netflix

Min Young was a fan-favorite contestant due to her bubbly personality and relationship with Lee Jin Seok.

An Min Young (left) and Lee Jin Seok (right) | Netflix

Of course, many viewers followed the contestants on Instagram to keep up with them beyond the show. Yet, many were shocked by Min Young’s difference in appearance on her account.

The pilates instructor appeared to have added a filter to nearly all her posts, including both photos and videos. Her waist sometimes appears slimmer, making her chest look bigger. Meanwhile, her face seldom goes unfiltered. It seems her eyes are larger while her nose is thinner.

Some netizens were turned off by Min Young’s editing of her own photos. Some called her “fake,” looking like an entirely different person from the one we see in Single’s Inferno 3. 

An Min-young’s instagram
byu/Yourecutie inSinglesinferno2

Others defended Min Young against these comments, calling out those who attacked her insecurities to criticize her. Regardless, Min Young is pretty.

Still, Min Young’s Instagram posts have had an increase in comments from Single’s Inferno 3 viewers, many of whom are suggesting she refrain from editing, delete Photoshop, etc. Most are commented with good intentions, praising Min Young’s natural beauty.

Hopefully, it’s just a stylistic choice on Min Young’s part and she knows just how gorgeous she is in real life!

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