“Single’s Inferno 3” Star Choi Hye Seon Believes She Has “Chemistry” With A Contestant—It’s Not Lee Gwan Hee

He’s an unexpected choice!

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Single’s Inferno 3 star Choi Hye Seon revealed the male contestant she believes she had the best chemistry with, and it’s not who you’re thinking of!

Choi Hye Seon | Netflix

Choi Hye Seon was shipped with professional basketball player Lee Gwan Hee from the start, although she was also linked to Son Won Ik. Fellow contestants even believed she and Won Ik had a connection, although she ended up with Gwan Hee.

Lee Gwan Hee (left) and Choi Hye Seon (right) | Netflix
Son Won Ik | Netflix

Choi Hye Seon recently guested on Won Ik’s YouTube channel to react to some episodes. By the end of the video, Hye Seon thanked Won Ik, revealing she had always hoped that if she were to talk about the show, she wanted it to be with him. She explained that of all the contestants, she believed she had the best chemistry with Won Ik, much to his surprise.

| 손원익 Son Wonik/YouTube

Choi Hye Seon: I’m really happy I got to talk to someone who was also a part of everything, and, to be honest, among 11 people that were there except for me, I think you and I have the best chemistry. If I ever had to talk about the show, I wanted it to be with you.

Son Won Ik: Really?

Hye Seon cutely told him not to run away. So, he reassured her he wouldn’t!

손원익 Son Wonik/YouTube

Choi Hye Seon: Yes, don’t run away.

Son Won Ik: I’ll come closer to you.

Likewise, Won Ik revealed he and Hye Seon have only become closer after filming Single’s Inferno 3. The two frequently keep in touch, and he’s realized now how much more they have in common.

손원익 Son Wonik/YouTube

Son Won Ik: But after we finished filming, we kept in touch like we would call each other sometimes, and when we do, I feel like we had a lot in common. That’s why I wanted to review the show with you, and it doesn’t have to be about ‘Single’s Inferno.’ I think it would be fun to share other part of our lives together too. I felt like we could actually do so much more together from now on.

Choi Hye Seon: Yes, it would be nice to see each other more often.

Unfortunately, Hye Seon studies in England, so they can’t see each other as much. Yet, Hye Seon invited Won Ik to visit!

손원익 Son Wonik/YouTube

Son Won Ik: Yes, but you’re going to England soon.

Choi Hye Seon: Come visit.

Son Won Ik: Okay, then I’ll come and…

Choi Hye Seon: But I don’t know if I’d have time for you.

Son Won Ik: I won’t stop calling you, so I hope you make time for me sometimes.

Choi Hye Seon: You should definitely come.

Son Won Ik: I’ll come see you in England. We could see each other again whenever we want, so we could make another video together or we could go grab some food and think coffee. Let’s do that.

Hopefully, this is only the beginning of this relationship, whatever it may be!

Watch the full video below.

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