“Single’s Inferno” Stars Make Unexpected Cameos In New Netflix K-Drama “Celebrity”

Viewers were surprised to see them in another show!

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Some familiar faces appeared in Netflix‘s latest K-Drama.

Scandalous thriller Celebrity, starring Park Gyu Young (Sweet Home, Dali & Cocky Prince, and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay), premiered on June 30, directed by Canneseries-nominated Kim Cheol Kyu (Flower of Evil, Mother, and Chicago Typewriter).

Seo A-ri achieves social media stardom overnight, but deadly consequences await in this glitzy, glamorous world of influencers.

— Google description for Celebrity

Park Gyu Young in “Celebrity”

In Episode 1, Seo A Ri attends her first influencer party. Among the party-goers were a few familiar faces, including two men we had seen in another Netflix show before…

“Celebrity” Episode 1 | Netflix

Cha Hyun Seung and Oh Jin Taek appeared a few times during the party scenes in Episodes 1 and 2. While Cha Hyun Seung is a popular K-Pop backup dancer, and Oh Jin Taek is the CEO of the British-style tailored suit brand, Ascottage, both appeared on the hit Korean dating show Single’s Inferno. 

|Cha Hyun Seung (left) and Oh Jin Taek (right) | @netflixkcontent/Instagram

Recently, Cha Hyun Seung appeared on yet another reality show for Netflix, Physical: 100. With all these appearances on Netflix shows, we’re starting to think he might be the new “Son of Netflix!”

Still, seeing him and Jin Taek in the new K-Drama was unexpected. They showed off their “acting skills,” observing sh*t go down at the party.


Hyun-seung really is the son of Netflix #Celebrity #SinglesInferno #kdramalovers #whattowatchonnetflix

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With a show titled “Celebrity,” there are many cameos from familiar and famous faces. Check them out below.

Every Celebrity Cameo In Netflix’s New K-Drama “Celebrity”


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