“Single’s Inferno 2” Kim Jin Young Spills On How His Unexpected Dating History Impacted His Flirting On The Show

“Those are not what you call pro moves.”

Single’s Inferno 2 contestant Kim Jin Young instantly became one of the most popular contestants as soon as he set foot in Inferno.

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Not only was the former soldier popular with the female contestants on the island, but he instantly won the hearts of many viewers. Viewers appreciated his endearing mannerisms, chic personality, and handsome visuals.

But while Jin Young may have captured viewers’ interest, in a recent interview with Physical: 100 contestant Agent H, Jin Young opened up about how what many viewers found endearing about his habits on the show were actually a product of his awkward habits.

According to Jin Young, when he was in school, he “was the class clown” and an “average student.”

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And he mostly went swimming during school breaks.

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He spent time with his classmates “collecting small change” so they could go to karaoke after school.

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Before going home to watch anime like “The Big Three” (One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach).

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But even though he could have fun on his own, he would freeze up in front of girls.

Kim Jin Young and Agent H | Mission Possible/YouTube 

Despite what Jin Young’s appearance on Single’s Inferno 2 might have had viewers speculating about his past dating life, Jin Young admitted that he actually never dated in school.

Kim Jin Young: I never dated anyone back in school. I never dated.

Agent H: Really? Throughout K-12?

Kim Jin Young: Yep.

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Jin Young explained that he “thought [he] wasn’t supposed to” date during school. He’d never even had his first kiss.

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Although now he has some regrets about not having those “sweet, clumsy emotions” that are “unique to [school days].”

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But while he could play around with some “strong” girls, he didn’t know what to do with girls who didn’t act similarly.

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Jin Young even admitted that he “still can’t really stare at [girls’] eyes” and that he is still a bit “clumsy.”

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In fact, Jin Young shared that what people found swoon-worthy during his time in Single’s Inferno 2 wasn’t anything “suave” or “sweet,” but they were simply products of him being “awkward with women.”

Kim Jin Young: Those are not what you’d call pro moves. Just saying “help yourself.” It’s not suave, and it’s not sweet either.

Agent H: It’s tsundere.

Kim Jin Young: I don’t mean to act that way. But I think that happens because I am awkward with women. Because I still have those habits, I unconsciously become awkward. That’s where the “help yourself” and such came from.

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Still, even if Jin Young didn’t intend his actions to be as impactful as they were, there’s no denying he quickly became a fan favorite.

You can read more about Jin Young’s time in school here.

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