Korean Beauty Standards Stopped “Single’s Inferno” Kang So Yeon From Landing Jobs

She struggled to become an actress.

Single’s Inferno star Kang So Yeon is an athlete, a boxing gym owner, a former idol, and a woman who knows exactly how detrimental beauty standards can be.

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Kang So Yeon started exercising from a young age, having been born into an athletic family. Her father, sister, and brother are all athletes.

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As such, her family fueled their bodies with large, protein-heavy meals, even for breakfast. In her mother’s mind, eating right was more important than being on time for school.

“I guess that’s what helped me physically,” she said, “But because of that, I struggled a lot to be an actress in Korea because I didn’t have that ideal body type for Koreans. I was always told before the casting that I’m too tall and my body is too big for this role.”

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So Yeon has faced her share of closed doors (as an actress and an idol), but new ones have opened, thanks to her time on Single’s Inferno. Will this athlete continue to work as an actress?

“I can’t really say anything because nothing has been confirmed,” she said. “There’s a show that I might be in. If everything works out then…you guys will be able to see it at the beginning of next year?” 

Rather than changing herself to fit the ideal beauty standards, So Yeon is building a career on her own terms. Since Single’s Inferno, she has been offered advertisement work that matches her image.

Whatever she decided to do, her fans support her 100%!

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