A “Single’s Inferno” Viewer Thought Choi Si Hun Looked “So Familiar” Only To Remember She Knew Him Years Ago

He ghosted her?!

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Have you ever had the feeling while watching a movie or TV show like “This person looks so familiar… Where have I seen them before?” 

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For most of us, it’s just the case we’ve seen them in another show, movie, or maybe even in an ad. However, for one viewer of Netflix‘s Single’s Inferno, it turned out that they actually knew one of the contestants!

Which contestant, though? It’s none other than Choi Si Hun!

Choi Si Hun | Netflix

He has been attracting attention for his idol-like visuals ever since the show’s premiere. Actually, Si Hun was a member of Polaris Entertainment‘s boy group TRIPLEME. They were set to debut in 2020. Currently, there’s no status on the group.

The Single’s Inferno viewer in question is no nobody either exactly. Laurah (@laurahwclx on social media) is a Twitch streamer and social media influencer. On Instagram, she has 42.8K followers.

Laurah recently made a TikTok, reacting to Choi Si Hun’s appearance in Single’s Inferno. She confessed that when she started watching, she was confused “why he looked so familiar.” 

She then went onto her Instagram only to realize she was already following Si Hun! Apparently, they had been mutuals at one time. Not only that, but they even had chat history…

One time, Laurah had slid into his DM’s, responding to one of his Instagram Stories. They made small talk about the online multiplayer game League of Legends.

Laurah: I play lol tooo!

Choi Si Hun: Oh

Choi Si Hun: What is your tier

Laurah: Plat last season

Laurah: But oce server

Choi Si Hun: Oho

Choi Si Hun: American?

Choi Si Hun: Australia?

Laurah: Yeah I’m Australian hehe

Laurah remembered then that Si Hun was her crush on Instagram three years ago, back in 2019! However, he ghosted her after this short conversation.

Other Single’s Inferno viewers are saying that it’s good that things never worked out between Laurah and Si Hun, recalling what he was like on the show. Some even say she “dodged a bullet.” 

Screenshot on January 4, 2022. | @laurahwclx/TikTok

Others did their own research into Instagram to discover that Laurah and Si Hun’s history went beyond the DM’s. He publicly liked a few of her photos back then too.

Screenshot on January 4, 2022. | @laurahwclx/TikTok
| @laurahwclx/Instagram
| @laurahwclx/Instagram

Another commented, revealing a similar experience. One TikTok user said they matched him on Tinder also three years ago!

It looks like Si Hun has been looking for love for quite a while now. We can totally understand why he went on Single’s Inferno. Unfortunately, it looks like he’ll have to search for love a little longer.

Watch Laurah’s TikTok below:


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Source: @laurahwclx

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