“Single’s Inferno” Moon Se Hoon Couldn’t Stop Flirting With Shin Ji Yeon

Moon Se Hoon had to ask if his flirting was too straightforward.

Shin Ji Yeon and Moon Se Hoon were one of the Single’s Inferno couples that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. They recently reunited on Shin Ji Yeon’s YouTube channel where Moon Se Hoon didn’t hide how much he was still into her.

Shin Ji Yeon and Moon Se Hoon. | 신지연 SHIN JIYEON/YouTube

Right from his introduction, Moon Se Hoon made his feelings known about Shin Ji Yeon. He said, “I’m the one who fell in love with Ji Yeon on ‘Single’s Inferno.’” Shin Ji Yeon immediately became shy.

When the two had to choose between a lover who had the same MBTI or an opposite one, they both chose the latter. Shin Ji Yeon asked Moon Se Hoon why he’d made the same choice and hadn’t been ready for his sweet response.

Giving her a look that had viewers seeing how much he cared about her, Moon Se Hoon answered, “Because… That’s you…” The answer was so unexpected that Shin Ji Yeon was hilariously surprised. She didn’t mind his response at all, though, quickly rejecting the idea that he should be “more subtle.

Despite Shin Ji Yeon mentioning that she’d go on another dating show to show off more of her charms, Moon Se Hoon was supportive. He made her shy by saying, “Then [they’ll] see your value.

Even when they finished filming the Q&A segment, Moon Se Hoon was sad that Shin Ji Yeon wasn’t going to stay with him longer.

Whatever “undefined” relationship the two have, there’s no hiding how much Moon Se Hoon likes Shin Ji Yeon.

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