Netizens Have A New Set Of “Single’s Inferno” OTPs, But They Might Surprise You

The evidence is undeniable 😂

When Netflix‘s new show Single’s Inferno started airing, all netizens could talk about was their favorite couples and who their OTP (One True Pairing) was. From the very beginning. Everyone had their favorites, whether it was the solid pairing of Oh Jin Taek with Kim Se Yeon

Oh Jin Taek (left) and Kim Se Yeon (right) | Netflix

The cutest duo of An Yea Won and Kim Jun Sik

Kim Jun Sik (left) and An Yea Won (right) | Netflix

And even the more controversial couple of Kim Se Hoon and Shin Ji Yeon.

Kim Se Hoon (left) and Shin Ji Yeon (right) | Netflix

However, as the show ended and the contestants returned to their normal lives, things have definitely taken a U-Turn. Whereas viewers looked forward to seeing pictures of the couples together, it seems like everyone’s favorite OTP’s might not be who you’d expect.

Netizens are falling in love with the bromances that were created on the show. Despite the “competition,” the male contestants immediately caught the attention of fans for their visuals… and friendship with each other.

Male contestants | Netflix

After the show ended, the contestants were back on social media, sharing their lives with their newest fans. Straight away, the male contestants on the show couldn’t wait to show that they were still thick as thieves away from the island.

One of the first interactions was just after the show ended. During the series, Kim Se Hoon made it clear that he owned a restaurant, and even Shin Ji Yeonwas impressed so much that she’d like to visit there with her friends.

| Netflix

Although that hasn’t happened yet… or has it (?), two people who did visit were none other than Jun Sik and Cha Hyun Seung. On Jun Sik’s Instagram, he shared a post at Onlygo with the three of them and captioned it, “Only go” or “Keep going!”

Se Hoon, Jun Sik and Hyun Seung | @juncore_/ Instagram

If that wasn’t enough, netizens have been treated to so much pure content from the contestants. When explaining that he wanted a Single’s Inferno reunion ASAP, Jun Sik posted a wholesome picture of the boys together.

The male contestants of “Singles Inferno” | @juncore_/ Instagram

There’s even been a photo shoot for Men’s Health with the two contestants who were fighting for Ji A’s heart: Hyun Joong and Hyun Seung.

Hyun Joong (left) and Hyun Seung (right) | Men’s Health

Even months after the show was filmed, all the contestants are now able to showcase just how often they see each other. Choi Si Hun recently shared that he’d visited Jin Taek’s shop Ascottage

| @choi_hun2/ Instagram

And it seems like Jun Sik and Jin Taek could be working on a project together after the two took a #goals selfie together with a clapper board that reads, “Universal Studios.”

Jun Sik (left) and Jin Taek (right) | @juncore_/ Instagram

If you need proof that netizens are in love with the bromances, the social media platform Reddit is full of love for the contestants with threads such as “Just some bromance…” and “Love the bromance…”

It’s even funnier considering that Hyun Seung actually explained that Se Hoon appeared so happy to have him on the island. His continuous warm welcomes made Hyun Seung wonder if there was more than just a platonic interest on Se Hoon’s part.

I was getting ready after I chose the yachting activity and that’s when Se Hoon came up to me and greeted me. He kept saying he was happy to see me. I thought, ‘Is he in love with me?’

— Cha Hyun Seung

| Cha Hyun Seung/ YouTube 

When the show first started, who would have thought that the content people would be most looking forward to would be from the male contestants. Hopefully, the contestants will post even more with the show’s popularity continuing to rise.

You can read more about the bromance between the contestants below.

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