“Single’s Inferno” OTP An Yea Won And Kim Jun Sik Get Flirty On Instagram… Over Strawberries

Their flirting didn’t end with “Single’s Inferno.”

Our latest favorite show, Netflix‘s Korean hit reality dating series Single’s Inferno, has unfortunately come to an end.

“Single’s Inferno” poster | Netflix

Over the weekend, the show concluded with its finale, which showed the male contestants selecting the woman they found most attractive. Still, it was the woman’s choice whether she wanted to leave the island with him.

Of course, we were hoping An Yea Won and Kim Jun Sik would end up together. Despite their little to no screentime, their chemistry was undeniable, and we could see it from day 1! 

Kim Jun Sik (left) and An Yea Won (right) cooking. | Netflix

They had spent most of the show together, so we hoped they would make it off of Inferno together. While she teasingly pretended to leave him behind on the island, they did end up together just as we hoped all along!

Ju Sik (left) and Yea Won (right) in the finale. | Netflix

We’ve been wondering ever since, though, if their relationship lasted beyond their time at Inferno. And, some netizens have speculated that they’ve broken up based on Yea Won’s Instagram Stories update. However, her words can be interpreted differently depending on translation, leaving us with some hope.

But it seems like our destiny ends here…so now I’m sad again…ㅠㅠ

— An Yea Won via @yeah.w__/Instagram

Besides, Jun Sik has been posting many updates to Instagram. Recently, he shared several photos, including all of those polaroids seen on the bulletin board of the Inferno dining hall. The polaroids consist mainly of him and Yea Won!

We’ve also noticed that he also shares quite a bit of fan-edits of himself with Yea Won…

| @juncore_/Instagram
| @juncore_/Instagram

Now, if that’s not enough to give you hope that our OTP lives on… The two publicly got flirty on Instagram.

Yea Won (left) and Jun Sik (right) | Netflix

Yea Won shared a series of photos to Instagram, enjoying some seasonal treats at South Korean coffeehouse chain Ediya Coffee. The post was an advertisement for the coffeehouse’s limited-time menu of strawberry drinks and foods.

Of course, followers were curious about who took the photo as the post’s vibes were giving “boyfriend POV.” And, naturally, many speculated that it maybe was Jun Sik on the other side of the camera.

Screenshot on January 13, 2022. | @yeah.w__/Instagram

Then Jun Sik himself commented on Yea Won’s post. And, in the true fashion of a suitor, he got her attention through writing a poem.

| @juncore_/Instagram

He made a poem in which you use the word’s letters to start the line (like acronym mnemonics), inspired by ddal-gi (strawberry). So, his comment reads, “Here’s goes my acronym poem for ddal-gi (strawberry). Ddal-gis are…G-reat!” or basically, “Here’s goes my poem for Straw-Berry. Straw-berries are Berry-good!” 

Screenshot on January 13, 2022. | @yeah.w__/Instagram & @juncore_/Instagram

Yea Won wasn’t as impressed as us, though. So, she teased him by saying that he wouldn’t be going on a date for the next couple of days…

Oppa, that wasn’t funny at all so you will be banned from going on a walk with the date of your choice for 2 days.

— An Yea Won

Screenshot on January 13, 2022. | @yeah.w__/Instagram

He responded in laughter, communicating that there were definitely good feelings between them.

Screenshot on January 13, 2022. | @yeah.w__/Instagram

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