SISTAR Soyou’s amazing transformation through diet revealed

Dispatch has released a compilation of before and after photos of SISTAR member Soyou‘s transformation through diet and exercise.

SISTAR Soyou has been recognized as an idol with one of the sexiest and healthiest bodies. But the attention she is receiving did not come easy as she had to go through tough dieting with exercise and counting calories.

Regarding her dieting, Soyou commented, “I worked out like crazy and did not eat much. I woke up in the morning and did yoga until I fell asleep. I did weight training, cardio, and running repeatedly.”

Korean media Dispatch releases photos of SISTAR member Soyou’s before and after going through a amazing transformation of losing 8 kilograms, or 17.6 pounds.


Before dieting:





After dieting:





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[ +49] She is a goddess amongst the not so pretty celebrities

[ +36] Face, body. She is so pretty… <3

[ +22] I’m going to start dieting by eating this burger

[ +4] I saw Soyou’s article couple days ago? She was so pretty but now is even prettier with diet

[ +1] I‘m going to get pretty too

Source: Dispatch