SISTAR19 Include Banned Choreography In Their New Comeback Performance

Iconic behavior, tbh.

While K-Pop choreographies can be risque, this has not always been the case. In fact, in the past, K-Pop groups, usually girl groups,  were forced to change their choreography after it was deemed too sexual or sensual to be able to perform on stage.

EXID’s “Up & Down” point move was banned. | EXID/YouTube 

Recently, SISTAR19 got the last laugh over one of their previously banned choreographies!

SISTAR19 are a subunit of the popular girl group SISTAR, who debuted in 2010. SISTAR had their last comeback in 2017, releasing the single “Lonely” before going their separate ways.

SISTAR | Starship Entertainment

In 2011, SISTAR gained even more popularity following the release their full album So Cool, featuring the title track of the same name. However, “So Cool”‘s choreography included a dance move that the three biggest broadcast agencies ultimately banned at the time.

As part of the point choreography, the members would rub their butts and sway their hips to the beat of the track. The move would be changed to doing a similar motion with their heads.

In mid-January 2024, SISTAR19 returned with a new album featuring the title track “No More (Ma Boy).” For some music show promotions, the duo performed one of the b-sides from their album, “Saucy.”

SISTAR19 | @sistarsistar/X

Fans noticed that the point choreography of Saucy was a bit familiar and soon realized it was “So Cool”‘s banned choreo!

Fans loved the reference and have been enjoying the return of these queens!

Check out their comeback below.