SISTAR’s Dasom Shares Her Experience With Extreme Dieting

Fellow member Soyou had gained much attention for her weight loss regime confession. This time, Dasom, revealed that she found starvation effective but also very dangerous.

Recently the SISTAR member appeared on variety program, Vitamin, where they talked about the complications of excessive dieting. The doctor who was on the program to discuss the topic revealed that excessive dieting can lead to acute renal failure and other complications.

As the topic progressed, Dasom revealed that she has tried a variety of diet which included herbal medicines, shakes, detoxes and all. Then she revealed that she also tried starving herself.

“In order to lose weight in a short period of time, starvation is the most effective.”

– SISTAR Dasom

However, she also stated that she won’t recommend such drastic method as it also causes the hardest yoyo phenomenon.

The confession earned a lot of worrying responses as fans realize many idols face the need to drastically lose weight in the entertainment industry, leaving the artists themselves to live without the joy of eating.

This is not the first time that a SISTAR member confessed about extreme fad diets. Soyou previously revealed that she lost a total of 8 kilograms within a month by only eating quail eggs, low fat milk and salad.

Source: TVReport